Kitchen furniture

You are welcome to turn to us with your ideas for kitchen furniture. Your wishes may range from big to small – INCOGNITO will make you kitchen furniture as a special order, for we can deal with complex solutions. It is convenient to order both your home furniture and kitchen furniture from one and the same place. This ensures that your entire home has a unified character and all items are of a similar high quality. Your furniture items will not have clashes in colours and tones and if you wish, you can use a unified style for all items. We enjoy creating and installing a modern world made of high-quality and natural materials in your kitchen. It will have a character and feel similar to other INCOGNITO furniture items.

Please describe your wish and send it to us via the link below. After that:
1. INCOGNITO will contact you and settle the particulars with you;
2. we will prepare the blueprints and meet with you;
3. we will co-ordinate the order and start the manufacturing;
4. upon the agreed delivery time, you will become the owner of unique kitchen furniture item(s).
It is as simple as that!

If you have no blueprints, you will be able to create your own kitchen in cooperation with our interior designers, so that it will be in harmony with your home, your individuality and the furniture you already own. Dare to dream!

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