Special order furniture

New modern homes need a personal approach, as does everybody. People’s needs are different and this is why we increasingly more often come to meet our customers’ individual wishes in order to have more designer furniture of INCOGNITO quality, characteristics and feeling conforming to just their expectations. Today, INCOGNITO designs and manufactures items to meet a variety of different orders. These include designer kitchens, individual items and many other designer furniture solutions. INCOGNITO guarantees top-level solutions, blueprints, installation, and quality

If you cannot find suitable furniture in the standard range of INCOGNITO items, we will make them the way you want! INCOGNITO special order furniture is not only unique, but it also entails the best quality and characteristic originality of INCOGNITO. This is furniture to be proud of!

Please describe your wish and send it to us via the link below. After that:
1. INCOGNITO will contact you and settle the particulars with you;
2. we will prepare the blueprints and meet with you;
3. we will co-ordinate the order and start the manufacturing;
4. upon the agreed delivery time, you will become the owner of unique furniture item(s).

It is as simple as that!

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